Columbus Golf Academy will be CLOSING and ceasing operations on October 31st 2019.  Any and all prepaid lessons must be booked by 10/31/19.  After 8 years of lessons I am shutting it down.  Thank you to all of those who supported me on this journey.  It has been an enjoyable experience helping individuals in central Ohio to learn and improve their golf game over the years!  Thank you!  John (8/1/19)


Columbus Golf Academy was founded in 2011 by
John Ubbing to combine his passion for golf and teaching. John is an enthusiastic teacher and coach and seeks to make his unique brand of golf instruction available to golfers of all levels. John is a serious student of the game of golf – he continues to refine his teaching skills through the avid study of various golf drills, practice methods and through playing on a variety of courses. He integrates these techniques for his students to create a personalized golf instruction program meeting the student at their level of play. John invites you to take advantage of the unique instruction he provides so that you can truly enjoy the game of golf.

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Our Approach

At CGA, we understand that every golfer also has different levels of flexibility, body structure and strength. Taking into account these individual differences, we facilitate each golfer’s game through easy to understand communication and kinesthetic teaching. The game of golf begins with the grip, body posture and alignment. We examine everything from the mechanics of a student’s swing to the all-important short game. Columbus Golf Academy strives to make the game of golf less complicated and more fun! Through a variety of teaching aides and drills, CGA is committed to making the game of golf more enjoyable for all golfers at all levels!

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Meet John

John Ubbing is a USGTF certified professional who brings his love of golf and passion for teaching together at Columbus Golf Academy. John is also the creator and owner of the Road Range. The Road Range is a mobile driving range that brings golf directly to individuals, groups or the workplace.

John has coached golf at the varsity high school level for several years. The team won league titles and several of his players received first-team honors. An accomplishment that stands out was that each of his players lowered their average score each year under his tenure. John earned titles of District Coach of the Year and Regional Coach of the Year - awards bestowed upon him by his peers.

John has been an educator at the middle and high school level for the past 15 years. He maintains an active teaching certificate in Ohio. John’s background as a classroom teacher qualifies him uniquely to understand that golfers, like students, learn differently. His commitment is to find the right approach for each golfer.

John is a native of Columbus, Ohio and attended The Ohio State University. He earned a B.S. in Education and a Masters degree in Educational Leadership. He lives in Grandview with his family and sweet dog Chelsea.

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John Ubbing

John Ubbing
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:50 lesson$65
:50 lesson X 3$180
:50 lesson X 6$325


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:50 lesson$55
:50 lesson X 3$150

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